About Me

Catering to her interest in the human mind and spiritual development, Natasha obtained a bachelors degree in Psychology in the United States after she travelled to India fresh eyed and finding the spiritual side of life. It was there, many years ago, that she was first introduced to mysticism— an introduction that would become a lifelong study.

Tantric Healing Practitioner Berlin

Natasha’s knowledge has grown from many years of specialised training around the world. Since those first days in India, Natasha has mastered many forms of massage and yoga along the way. She returned to India five more times to practise Kundalini and Hatha yoga and most importantly get initiated into Sattvic Tantra. She spent 6 months in Thailand learning Thai Massage, Thai Oil Massage, Aromatherapy,  Reiki and crystal healing, lived in Bali and participated in many ceremonies with Brahmans and participated in ceremonies with Shamans in Guatemala, Honduras and Berlin. Besides her exotic travels and interest with the spiritual world, Natasha took many massage courses in Germany learning California massage and Tibetan singing bowls. She has worked as a Tantric Healing practitioner in Berlin for 7 years now.

Natasha – Tantric Healing Practitioner Berlin

In April 2014, during Navartri in India Natasha’s life changed when she was initiatied in Sattvic Tantra by her guru.  In February 2015 she returned to visit her guru and received more teaching and guidance. Performing her Tantric sadhana and following her gurus teachings has brought Tantra into Natasha’s daily life and work. She continues now to be involved in A Tibetan monastery in Berlin practicing Sattvic Tantra and is a faculty member of a Vedic University in India. On top of that she studies and practices Vedic and Babylonian Astrology. She also has a Society that helps Mothers and children in Africa receive aid.