Mobile Massage Treatments

Traditional Full Body Thai Massage is a specialized massage that will help increase flexibility, reduce muscle and joint tension, stimulate circulation and heighten the body’s energy levels. It is a full body that includes acupressure, gentle stretching and work along your energy lines. Natasha taps deep inside your body so you she can feel your body’s pulse and beat. She learned this Thai Massage from a master at Wat Po in Thailand. This full body massage will leave you in a deep relaxation and peace.

The Thai Oil Massage is a full body massage that specifically works to stimulate the flow of energy along the meridian (sen) lines so that the body can fully recharge itself. It involves deep firm pressure and long rolling strokes along your whole body. It is a mixture between Swedish and Thai Massage -true mix of East meets West in a truly invigorating massage.

From my many years of practicing Tantric Sadhana ( mantras, rituals and prayers) Natasha has become a Tantric medium. The method is Tantric but the healing that comes out of Tantra is Shamanic. That means the Goddess and her spirit guides moves through her to move your energy and heal you.

Tantric healing includes massage along with energetic work. Prayers,  Tibetian Singing BowlsSage Clearing  and divination are all applied in your healing session. Each person is different and she works intuitively.

In order for the healing to take the biggest effect, no alcohol consumption is required for at least 1 day but better 3 days. The energic body is very subtle so the cleaner you are- the more healing you will receive. The only thing you need is an open mind and heart along with an intention to heal. 90 minutes sessions are recommended.

( Please note- this is not Tantra Massage- and will not include any sensual elements. If you would like to get a tantra massage please go to her tantra massage website here:

Relaxing California mobile massage is similar to an energetic updated Swedish massage and incorporates the Thai Massage energy lines of the body. The pressure used during the massage is tailored to your request. Long, slow and full body strokes are used to cleanse you of your stress.  Healing techniques from the Americas, Europe and Asia are all incorporated.

Natasha learned Abhyanga  -Ayurvedic Massage in Kerala, India at an Ayurvedic clinic. She convinced them to teach her their ‘family’ Ayurvedic massage even though they were not teaching at the time and the owner always wanted to test her massage to make sure she learned it correctly. Each time, he fell asleep and woke up happily surprised.  A massage well learned and tested.  Ayurvedic massage was created as part of the healing techniques incorporated in Ayurveda to bring harmony to your mind, emotions and body.