Welcome To Atma Massage

Tashi’s Tantra massage service in Amsterdam is an unique and sought-after tantra massage service that caters to hotels and homes in Amsterdam.

Tashi has been a Tantric practitioner for the past 10 years and has studied with many Tibetan and Indian masters. Tashi's experience with Tantra the religion, her knowledge of the energetic system in the body and her ability to be a Tantric medium adds a unique and divine touch to her Tantra massage.


For almost a decade, Tashi has catered to the most discerning of international clients. Her desire for therapeutic perfection has created a list of clientele who value her expert techniques and depth of knowledge in the healing art of tantra massage.

Discerning and busy customers value Tashi’s approach because of her ability to take them out of their cerebral spaces and bring them back into their bodies through her passionate tantra massage. By engaging both their physical bodies and total energetic systems, clients feel transformed and liberated into a wider universe.