Welcome To Atma Massage

At the forefront of Atma Massage is a professionalism and expertise which has gained Natasha a reputation as being one of the leading massage therapists in Berlin. Clients come out delighted after their healing journey, with many claiming to have found a new clarity in their bodies, minds and spiritual lives — a clarity that they look forward to exploring in their personal lives.


For more than seven years, Natasha has catered to the most discerning of international clients from the thriving creative center of Berlin. Her desire for therapeutic perfection has created a reoccurring list of clientele who value her expert technique and depth of knowledge in the healing arts.

Atma is a Sanskrit word meaning self, soul, spirit and body to name a few. By acknowledging our true selves, we can live in harmony with our environments which in turn creates wellbeing. Through connecting with your Atma during the massage, I bring you back to your true self which is pure and blissful.